Where, oh where?

Where have I been? I’ve been recovering from a tornado hit in April, school ending in JUNE, vacationing on the lake for two week (sorta, but that’s another story), vacation bible school and sending my early teen to camp, Whew! Is that enough? Oh yes, add to that I lost my cell phone three months ago and just now am eligible for an upgrade. I spent most of the morning playing with it.

I have managed to keep knitting through all this. Several things are on different needles, dpns and circulars.

Also, I’ve been considering closing this and starting a new blog and am trying to discern the focus of any blog. I have a couple of ideas for new names and need to test them out with a couple of friends.



It’s COLD.  I mean real cold.  So cold, the cat won’t go outside.  The dogs lie on their beds and sleep all day. School was closed two days because of the cold.   I snuggled under the down comforter as long as my husband would let me.  I would prefer to go to bed at midnight and get up at 8am but that’s not going to happen.  I have to get up and drive my daughter to school.

There’s an old wives tale that if snow remains on the ground for three days afterward, you’ll get more snow.  If that’s the case, we’ll get a ton of more snow.  We’ve been in the house since Thursday morning.  Thankfully the highway in front of the house has been clear more the most part so I could get milk.  So long as I have milk, shortening and self-rising flour to make biscuits, I’m fine.  I know there are women who would take this opportunity of “enforced” confinement to clean the house from one end to the other.  But, not me.  I barely made the bed.  My daughter preferred to sleep on the sofa and hubby practically lived in the recliner.  Sorry, I just can’t clean house unless I’m by myself.

So, I knitted.  I finished one glove for my daughter.  It’s Evangeline from Knitty.  I’m knitting it in Comfort worsted weight.  This really isn’t a yarn I’m enjoying working with because it splits so easily.  I modified the pattern to include fingers.  I’m not so sure I’m going to wait to finish the other one until I can get 4- or 5-in dpns.  These 8-in dpns are hard to work with when you’re knitting the fingers.

On the Needles

It’s the second day of 2010 and I’m still in my nightgown.  What a wonderfully lazy morning.  I should be getting dressed to drive to pick up my daughter.  She’s been visiting some friends from her old school.  I don’t believe she has connected with anyone here in Geraldine as she did in Ashland.  Who knows?  A couple of these girls may be her forever friends.  I am a still very close friend with a couple of girls I met in the 8th grade.  Good, close friends are hard to come by these days.  I don’t do anything to discourage it.

Yesterday, New Year’s Day, I started  knitting a wool cap with intricate Celtic knots. The pattern is Habitat by Jared Flood. I can’t remember the yarn but I’ll look it up.  It’s His patterns are lovely to look at, and you want to knit them all, but this is the first pattern I’ve bought.  I downloaded it from the pattern’s site on Ravelry.   It’s slow going but worth the effort.  I’m also working on combining a couple of patterns to make a pair of pseudo-fingerless mittens.  She wants just part of the fingers included on a particular pattern for fingerless mittens, and I’ve found a pattern with half-fingers so I’m going to see if I can’t make that work.  While I’m working on this I want to knit a pair of cashmere-like gloves for me.

Also on my needles is a scarf, Latifa, from Knitty.  I’m using Baby Alpaca DK from Plymouth Yarn and somewhere in my stash is the multicolored yarn to go between the color blocks.  I bought the yarn at the Destin Yarn Shop in Destin, Florida, when we were there thanksgiving, 2008. I’ve posted a request on Ravelry for help on sorting my stash.  There’s no rhyme or reason to my yarn since we’ve moved.  If I want something, I have to go through all my yarn to find it. Hellllpppppp…….. Maybe once it’s sorted I can find some yarn that’ll be good to make that pair of gloves for me.  I’d love a cashmere-like yarn.

I’d have pictures of these projects but the camera is in my husband’s shop where he’s working on restoring a 1976 BMW motorbike.  It’s red and will look g.r.e.a.t. when he’s finished.  I’ll post them later.

I have no great words of wisdom this morning for the New Year. There’s still laundry to wash, dishes to unload and load and floors to sweep.  With husband going out to garage to work on bikes and dogs and cats coming and going, I should sweep five times a day!Going to pick up daughter at 1:00 in Ohatchee, the halfway point between Geraldine and Ashland.  I’d rather make two two-hour trips than one four-hour trip.   Until next time, take care.

First Sock

Cat’s Paw Lace scarf

Tea Cozy

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day

One of my main resolutions is to be more faithful in posting. Right now, I’m writing instead of knitting, watching the Weather Channel because everything else is boring and hubby is asleep. The yellow lab, Phoebe, is snoring, Sweetie is asleep next to me, Beemer is on the dog cushion sighing and Monkee is on the back of a chair curled up. Maybe I should follow suit and go to bed, too. But I want to knit some more.

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